Adventures of Semper Vaihtaa

Arrival in Fallwell

All abord the party wagon

Our adventure began in the Glenwood with Ardina and Thomas Utorial traveling in a wagon towards the city of Thilora to deliver a missive the commander of the city. Along the way they were attacked by a panther and were watched by Enna and Rinn from the shadows. Ardina sprung into action by playing music that although beautiful to listen to didn’t necessarily assist Thomas in combat. Thomas struck out at the panther and swiftly killed it with his rapier.

Meanwhile Rinn attempted to sneak aboard but made to much noise and Thomas noticed her which led to a stilted conversation, but Thomas invited her aboard regardless while Enna made her way to stand in front of the wagon cutting off their path. An awkward silence ensued before she too was invited aboard the wagon and they set off together. After fighting a few more wild animals they arrived at a fork in the road and the party decided to head to the nearby town of Fallwell to stay for the night.

Upon arrival they found themselves at the local tavern and acquired rooms for the night. The next morning after a nice breakfast as Rinn was leaving the building she noticed a small boy running through the street and she decided to follow. As the rest of the party noticed her swift departure the decision was made to follow her to find out what was going on. The boy quickly stopped at a house and began calling for Master Alton for help while crying. The party waited for Master Alton to emerge and before them stood an tiny elderly Gnome. They soon learned that the boy’s name was Grimm and that his parents had been taken during a bandit raid out by his home. At this point Rinn offered to help out of the goodness of her heart to find his parents if Grimm could guide the party to their farm. Ardina and Enna reluctantly came around to the idea and just as they were about to leave Rinn remember herself and thought it would be a good idea to ask for a reward that Thomas said he would cover and that she need not bother the town with such concerns. The party set off on their new goal under the direction of Grimm and made their way out to the farmhouse that Grimm called home.

They arrived to see a scorched house falling apart and blackened by fire. Fortunately Enna was able to discover the tracks of the bandit and the party gave chase. In the field the party encountered a couple of flying snakes which turned out to be more difficult than they ought to be because Rinn had decided it would be a great idea to not pack any crossbow bolts. They problem was remedied by some reallocation of Ardina’s bolts.

Eventually the party made it to the bandit caves and the party engaged a number of bandits and their spiders. The party deftly avoided whatever was down the part to the right that they were DEFINITELY not going down there. The party looted many of the bandits and Ardina took a particular interest in their sandals while Enna found a great deal of success but inspecting the barrels rather than the bandit’s pockets.

Finally the party found itself outside a double door and herd a voice from the other side invite them in. Ardina was sent in to negotiate but hostilities quickly ensued when the dark skinned individual in the next room cast faerie fire on the party. The party recognized this individual as a drow and attacked. Unfortunately Thomas was knocked out by consecutive devastating hits from the drow’s shortsword. This caused the drow’s focus to switch to the rest of the party who quickly joined Thomas in his unconscious state save for Ardina. Ardina struck out and delivered a final blow to her foe before turning to her endangered companions. Trusting that Thomas could endure the punishment she turned her attention to Enna who she was able to stabilize. However she was too late to save Rinn who bled out in her arms and as she wept she sung a mourning song in memory of Rinn. Finally with the rest of the party unconscious but stable Ardina investigated he room finding the ring and bodies of Grimm’s parents as well as a map that in a brief spark of insight Ardina identified as a battle plan that would assault the town of Fallwell in only 2 days time…



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